Get the best out of your data with our innovative, ready to use AI platform.
Allows you to capture, organise, integrate and apply your data
Data can be readily fed into AI algorithms to output valuable insights for innovative data-driven services
Automates the delivery of AI enabled solutions applied to business
What does Forcive do?

Forcive is a unified software platform that automates the delivery and use of data in enterprises through AI and machine learning. We provide you with a foundation to allow for the capture, organisation, integration and application your data, so that you can make the best business decisions, and spur your business to positive and steady growth.

Pay per use

Our pay per use model allows clients the flexibility to customise their application based on Forcive’s extensive platform capablities for a fee commensurate with usage, without incurring a significant upfront expenditure upon commencement. These pricing models are flexible and designed to manage total cost and return based on our client’s needs.

Our SaaS Model

Since the Forcive platform can also be deployed on the cloud, apart from the significantly lower costs associated with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), our model also leads to increased scalability and integration, while expediting ‘time to benefit’, including from upgrades made to our platform.


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