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The Forcive platform can deliver a hyper-efficient and effective customer engagement framework, with grounds for extreme personalisation, in near real time. Thanks to speedier access to data and super-accelerated process integration, we can help you reach out effectively to existing and prospective customers with your unique offerings, and to stand out in relation to the competition. Forcive will also spur the streamlining of intra-company processes by exploiting the intelligent functionality of AI, with near real time results. Forcive’s platform has the capability to launch new machine-learning (ML) models, and connect them through real time data-pipelines to other merchant systems. Moreover, the structure of the Portfolio Optimiser has been successfully replicated to its fullest extent on the Forcive platform, and the fact that this platform can run on the cloud facilitates its use on the merchant premises.

Forcive can provide you with the framework to determine the critical metric of Customer Long-Term Value (CLTV) for each of your customers. This does not only mean that you can evaluate each of your customers on the basis of their contribution to actual and future profits to the company, but you can do so also in terms of revenues and costs associated with the handling of their policies. Forcive’s solutions encompass the design of a configurable mechanism to segment the customer portfolio, as well as models to predict customer behaviour. Moreover, they can provide you with recommendations as to the retention or otherwise of single or batches of customers. The Forcive platform can also derive important information from raw operational data which can be exploited by your legal and marketing people, amongst others.

The Forcive platform provides solutions which can prove critical to the growth and profitability of companies in the gaming sector. Forcive can provide a platform through which AI can be a game-changer in conquering customer churn. Moreover, its data enrichment solutions will enable you to exploit ML and AI tools and pursue churn models more effectively. Forcive can also help you generate information to launch measures to counter customer inertia, including cross-selling and up-selling. The use of Forcive will improve your ability to track compliance with online gambling regulations and to prevent fraud, and will facilitate the collection of data on gambling preferences to enable predictions and deliver a customised service to customers. Overall, the AI-based applications provided by the Forcive platform will boost the personalised dimension of your customers’ experience. They will also simplify the onboarding process and lead to significant cost reductions in securing compliant processing.

AI is a rapidly growing segment that has application across most market segments and verticals. Forcive also engages with software companies and system integrators that would like to run their own applications on top of the Forcive AI platform, using various pricing models designed to meet partner needs. If you would like to explore this type of relationship, please get in touch so we can see how our combined skills can allow your clients to get the best decisions from their data.

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