An overview of Forcive’s features, benefits and capabilities


Forcive is a unified software platform that automates the delivery and use of data in enterprises through AI and machine learning. Apart from possessing very extensive data capture capabilities, Forcive provides the tools to create intelligent, data-driven applications designed to improve customer-experience and to optimise operational processes. The strength of Forcive’s technology lies in its reliance on a highly distributed and completely scalable architecture that can be deployed on-premises or activated on the cloud.
 Delivery and use of data automated through AI and machine learning

 Improved customer-experience and optimised operational processes though intelligent, data-driven applications

  Flexibility of a highly distributed and completely scalable architecture

Forcive’s innovative big data platform is a response to the challenges associated with the enterprise management and effective exploitation of big data. Our team of specialists will work with prospective clients or channel partners to understand their big data pain points, and apply the appropriate algorithms and data learning models. Moreover, the Forcive platform can be deployed in multiple ways depending on client needs, and incorporates flexibility on both data input and output levels.

Allows you to capture, organise, integrate and apply your data

Data captured can be prepared, cleansed, blended, normalised, and aggregated in real time

Contributes to a data-science approach and data-driven culture in your organisation

Provides a structure allowing you to integrate data analytics into workflows

Automates the delivery of AI enabled solutions applied to business thereby increasing adoption and repeat usage

Ensures you make the best use of your data

Data can be readily fed into AI algorithms to output valuable insights for innovative data-driven services

Crafts intelligent, data-driven applications for improving customer experience

Provides you with tailored, powerful tools to optimise operational processes

Organises the storage and processing of your data

Products & Our Service Offer

The innovative dimension of Forcive rests upon its capabilities to offer a PaaS or platform-based service,which allows for the development, running and management of applications without the building and maintainance of the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app. Our PaaS platform provides an environment – which can be located on-premises, on a shared cloud or on a private cloud – where our clients can create, host and deploy applications, including complex AI and machine learning solutions. The Forcive platform can also host applications on the model of an SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

Forcive’s value proposition lies in its flexibility and scalability. Since Forcive is based on propriety software owned by us, we can offer various deployment options, a range of pricing models and service-level agreements that can be tailored to your business needs, as against the standard full service or turnkey offering.

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